Office Design to Increase Your Bottom Line – Step 3

Much like people make first impressions, so do our offices.  And these impressions are indelible whether fantastic, frightful, or worst of all, boring! Start today with the third step of my top 3 ways to make your office as impressive as your business…also known as Increase Your Business’ Bottom Line.

3. Make your office comfortable and clean. This sounds like a no-brainer, yet I’m so often shocked by the condition of offices, as shown in this photo I snapped recently. Whether your office is a space for clients or only for colleagues, it must make them feel welcome and at ease.IMG_6706

In reception and guest areas, use the vacuum and dust daily. You may not be able to install new flooring, though keeping it clean shows that you are trying to maintain it and a sense of respect for your guests and where you will receive them. A drop of organization goes a long way here too. Hide the cords, remove the empty accordion file, store loose files in drawers.

Of course these guidelines go for employee areas as well. Your employees and colleagues will perform better in an environment where they can focus on their goals, instead of dusting their work space. Don’t have the budget for a cleaning crew? I’ve washed windows, cleaned the bathroom, and used the vacuum, mop, and Swiffer many times at my business. In fact, it was our every day early morning routine. Start tomorrow, keep it up every day, and it will never overwhelm.

white space

Comfort is key when providing for your guests and employees. Your clients may come from a wide range of backgrounds yet your core group of clients have things in common. Provide for them in ways that also represent your company’s personality. For example, if you’re a produce wholesaler, your office interior design should reflect the vibrancy and freshness of your product and the vigorous pace of your business. In this office design shown above, I created a spirited and stable design for the young owners of a fast growing company that provides internet security for financial institutions. That’s a very serious and high-tech business yet the owners wanted to express their personality and the love of their work through color and contemporary style. Pops of vibrant color balance the stable blues, black, and grey tones. If guests must wait, they have seating choices and surfaces for their coffee or to work.

white space

This office that I designed from a former dark-room provides every amenity to make you, your employees and colleagues, and your guests thrive. Lighting, from outside and overhead task lighting, makes working easy at any time of day. Hidden shades let you control daylight or gain privacy at the touch of a switch. Individual temperature controls easily adjust to your preferences with air conditioning, forced air heating, and even radiant heat warming the cork floor. Combine all of these with the balance of warm colors and acoustical privacy to create an empowering office.

So you see it’s easy to impress your clients and empower your employees with a few steps that will ultimately increase your business’ bottom line. Start today by looking at your office as though it’s your first time there. Be sure to read Step 1, Step 2, and share with your colleagues. Like ImaginEco on facebook for daily design tips and inspiration.

Imagine the possibilities,


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