Design for Yourself…Now!

Okay, I’ve been away for a long time and I’m excited to be back and discuss one of my favorite topics – designing for yourself!  Recently my hair stylist told me that she and her family decided not to sell their home. They purchased it 14 years ago and planned to stay there five years. Most importantly she shared how free she felt that she could at long last customize and decorate her home for her family! I could see the joy and relief in her eyes.

You see we’d discussed this on many occasions! She lamented using lifeless neutral tones so that, she believed, she could easily sell her home.

beige beige and more beige

You’ve seen the typical new spec home colors…boring!

I suggested that no matter the future mystery buyer’s taste, they would begin to personalize it the minute they got the keys. And I recommended that her family’s needs and wishes and tastes should drive their choices. Unknown future buyers must not stifle her home design on the interior or the exterior, rendering it unsatisfying for 14 years!

My hair stylist attributes the delight in her newly grasped home design freedom to my repetitive urging and proclaiming the glorious benefits of surrounding yourself with your very own definition of beauty. Wrap yourself and your family in the colors, materials, and furnishings that fill you with joy. The energy imparted from the things that you appreciate fills your surroundings and you with vitality.

So go ahead and cover your home with the colors that you love. Start small as color is powerful and adjusting to the drastic positive changes can be overwhelming. I’ve seen it happen with clients who believe the new color isn’t just right. But it’s really just that sometimes we’re not ready for the dynamic transformation that color brings. Give yourself time to appreciate your new surroundings and to finalize the details of a space to make it harmonious.

Okay, let’s get started! First determine the mood you want to create. Then find colors that impart the feeling you desire – calm, nurturing, energizing, cozy, creative, happy.

ImaginEco nature color inspiration cherry blossom

Nature has an endless source of colorful inspiration…go outside!

For inspiration look to nature, a favorite art piece, or browse the myriad of online color resources. Check out one of my very favorite Design Seeds.

Now test your chosen colors with art, fabrics, accessories – items that won’t break the bank. When you’ve tested and proven your color prowess, select your paint colors to tie every thing together and reflect the mood you want to achieve. Your paint for the walls and ceilings will unify the elements in your room, either new or remaining. Be fearless and follow your instincts. Avoid asking friends and relatives as they’re certain to disagree and bring their own taste to the discussion. This is your home or office and they’re sure to love it when they see how it has empowered you.

ImaginEco colorful city home

In this home my client wished for a cheerful room. She’s delighted with the sunny results.

ImaginEco artist studio 1

Fearless color dramatizes her paintings and energizes my artist client in her studio.

ImaginEco office color

Even offices can have subtle yet energizing color! Say buh bye to beige cubicles.

Good luck and remember to follow your instincts! Your home should make you feel as good as your favorite outfit does. Now share this so your friends can be fearless too.  For more tips and inspiration Like ImaginEco on facebook.

Imagine the possibilities,


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