Office Design to Increase Your Bottom Line – Step 2

Much like people make first impressions, so do our offices.  And these impressions are indelible whether fantastic, frightful, or worst of all, boring! Start today with the second step of my top 3 ways to make your office as impressive as your business…also known as Increase Your Business’ Bottom Line.

2. Make your office current. If your office is stuck in a time warp of yesterday, how can you fill a clients’ needs today?  To be the best you have to be on top of the latest in technology and the most effective and efficient ways to take care of your clients.


You’ve been in that office where the magazines are yellowed with age, pages are torn out, and dog eared.  Frankly, I lose all confidence in a business that overlooks details, especially ones that are easy to remedy. Recycle those old mags and subscribe to a few new ones with diverse topics.

white space


Ditch the award wall.  Your clients most likely are aware of your qualifications or they wouldn’t be in your office. Impress them by showing them the benefits of working with you. Display what you’ve done for your other clients with before and after photos and client testimonials. Kudos on the living healthy plants here….more on those below.

white space

Reception Desk

Stuffed toys and heart wreaths should be visible only to their owner, unless you’re business revolves around these things. The shining face of your receptionist should get all of the attention. Remove the clock. If your clients must wait, don’t force them to watch the clock.

white space

waiting room

The ominous TV is the focal point of the room and it’s placed at an awkward viewing height.  Replace it with a flat screen placed on the corner shelf. Not in your budget to replace the TV?  Then just remove it.

Just say no to silk, plastic, and any other type of artificial plants. A healthy living plant is a symbol of life.  Check out my super easy to grow list of plants here or hire a service to supply your office with plants and care for them as well.

If you have a magazine rack, it should be filled with valuable information you’ve created for your clients to take home and a variety of current and diverse magazines.

white space


Office overhauls are very expensive yet should be a regular part of a business’ budget. A fresh luminous coat of paint will give this tired space new life. Place a vibrant colorful nature photo behind each desk. Use photos that have bright tones of the dismal red and green such as lime and orange. Arrange the furniture in small circular groups instead of lined up like soldiers.

white space

MidCity Office Furniture

Who wouldn’t be impressed walking in to this office?  It’s fresh and bright and current and clean. The furnishings are minimal, cohesive, bold in color, and sophisticated in style. Of course day light is your best design tool and the healthy plants add a dash of drama and color.

white space

health design dot org

In this health care setting, day light plays a major role again. The fresh color palette exudes vitality and health. And the receptionist is standing and awaiting you.  See Step 1 for more the importance of that.

white space

skype office lobby

Potted living and flowering plant…check.  Open airy brightly lit fresh space…check. Modern stylish seating…check. Company info for browsing…check.  Screen for viewing valuable information…check.

So you see it’s easy to impress your clients with a few steps that will ultimately increase your business’ bottom line. Start today by looking at your office as though it’s your first time there. Be sure to read Step 1 and share with your colleagues. Like ImaginEco on facebook for daily design tips and inspiration to empower your life.

Imagine the possibilities,


6 thoughts on “Office Design to Increase Your Bottom Line – Step 2

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  2. What a difference it makes on a potential/current/returning client to view a space with such purpose, pleasure and peacefulness. You really know how to spot desirable spaces for people to enjoy and flourish! Nice!!

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