Office Design to Increase Your Bottom Line – Step 1

Much like people make first impressions, so do our offices.  And these impressions are indelible whether fantastic, frightful, or worst of all, boring! Start today with the first of my top 3 ways to make your office as impressive as your business…also known as Increase Your Business’ Bottom Line.

1. Make your reception desk disappear. Immediately greet your guests by eliminating the barrier between them and the first human connection to your company. Of course desks are functional, yet imagine greeting a guest at your home from a behind a desk. Make the must-have desk minimal and place it so that your guests and clients are instantly greeted by a friendly face. The individual seated there should be aware that nothing is more important than the person stepping in to your office.

living social office

Awkward, and ironic!  You’ve been in an office where you feel uncomfortable immediately because there seems to be no one there to greet you. Lower the desk or at least a portion of it so there is easy eye contact.

elegant office source unknown

There’s no question that this office is elegant, sophisticated, and current. Yet imagine those chairs are filled and you have to run the gauntlet to reach the receptionist desk at the end. Hello down there!

modern office source unknown

Perfection!  A small approachable desk with a rolling chair where the receptionist could actually stand and greet your guests is ideal. I can imagine a lap top there that can quickly close when clients come in the door. The healthy plant is a nice touch that represents life and vitality.

Now test your office by entering the front door as if you’ve never been there. Then make the simple changes necessary to keep your clients, and even increase the number of clients, coming through your front door. Stay tuned for more easy ways to make your office as impressive as your business.  Use the tools below to share it on. Like ImaginEco on facebook for daily design tips and inspiration to empower your life.

Imagine the possibilities,


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